A step-by-step guide to download Instagram images

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January 19, 2022 3:56 PM

You may need to download Instagram images to your laptop or phone at times. Perhaps you uploaded a photo to a social media site some time ago, then accidentally erased the original, or worse, misplaced the computer where the photo was saved.

You may even want to repost a picture from a friend or colleague’s feed (with their permission, of course!). Though it’s easy to upload images to Instagram, extracting them is more difficult. But don’t worry; this guide will show you how to save Instagram images to your computer, Mac, or phone. You can either use third-party tools or use the source code to download photos (which is a lot simpler than it sounds).

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Find out the best photo collage editing tools if you want to learn more about improving your photos before uploading them to Instagram.

As a note, please honour image rights when downloading Instagram files. Although some of the methods listed below allow you to retrieve photos from other users, I still suggest asking permission and giving credit where credit is due.

Instagram images downloaded to a PC or Mac.

There is no native way to import individual Instagram images from your feed. Instagram has made one concession by allowing you to archive your entire account’s history on the site in one large file. This covers all of the photographs and videos you’ve shared as posts or stories, as well as a variety of other items you do not like.

To get started you’ll need to request a download link either via the Instagram website or the app.

01. Login to get started

Sign in to Instagram and then press the gear icon to the right of the Edit Profile section. Select Privacy and Security from the drop-down menu.

02. Request download

You’ll be taken to the Account Privacy tab as a result of this. Click ‘Request Download’ when you get to the ‘Data Download’ section.

03. Get the download link via email

Download link

Click ‘next’ after entering your username and password again and checking the email address where you’ll obtain the download file. Instagram will begin compiling your information into a compact package and email you the connection. While the platform states that this will take up to 48 hours, the email usually arrives within an hour or two. The link’s only valid for four days, so keep an eye out for it or you’ll have to start all over again.

04. Download your data

Click ‘Download Data’ when you receive the email. You’ll be redirected to Instagram’s website, where you can sign in and begin the update. Any post you’ve ever made, as well as specifics of any message and everything you’ve looked for, enjoyed, or posted on, is included in the package, which is a zip file. This could mean a lot of data depending on how long you’ve had an Instagram account and how much you use it, so extract the file to a separate folder and hold the various subfolders and directories in one place.

You can also request this sizable download package through the app. Go to your profile and choose ‘Settings’ from the menu icon in the upper right-hand corner. Choose ‘Security,’ ‘Download Data,’ enter your email address and password, and then tap ‘Request Download.’

Download Instagram photos individually using the source code

You can import Instagram images separately by going through the source code if you don’t want to go through your entire Instagram history to find the one picture you want to use, or if you need an image from someone else’s feed after receiving their permission to use it.

01. Find the image source

The method you use will be determined by your browser. To view the complete picture in Internet Explorer, click on the photo you want to use, then right-click on the image and choose ‘View Source.’

02. Copy the code

Find the meta property information by scrolling through the code (control+f or command+f and searching for ‘meta property’). You’ll want to copy the URL in double inverted commas in the line that starts with: ‘

03. Save the image

Simply paste the link into your browser and press “Enter” to be taken to the image you want to import. To save the file, simply right-click or control-click on it and choose ‘Save Image As.’ You’ll actually want to change the default name, which is a long string of numbers, to something more memorable. Depending on the browser, the procedure can even work with videos.

You will find the source image in Google Chrome by pressing ‘Inspect’ and then searching for the ‘V’ folder under the sources tab.

Download Instagram photos: Save images on Instagram

If you just want to be able to find a picture on Instagram again rather than using it on another screen, saving it inside the app might be sufficient. Instagram helps people to save every post to be found later, whether it’s from a follower or not. Saved posts can be organized into directories to make them easy to locate, such as design inspiration, wish lists, or dream vacation destinations – don’t worry, no one else can see your bookmarks!

01. Save to a collection


When you tap the bookmark icon underneath every Instagram message, it turns black, indicating that the post has been saved. To use the Marie Condo bookmarking method, tap the ‘Save to Collection’ message that appears, then press the + icon to select a current collection or generate a new one.

02. View and edit your images

Go to your profile, press the menu icon at the top right, then ‘Saved’ to open or edit your bookmarked photos in the Instagram app. The ‘Saved’ tab would appear above your own feed in a browser. You can add new collections or transfer a previously saved photo to a collection by tapping the plus icon from here.

Download Instagram photos using third-party apps

There are several third-party applications that provide workarounds if you absolutely need to import images from Instagram rather than saving them in the app but find the first two solutions above to be too tricky or time-consuming. Keep in mind that some of these need access to your account information, while others earn their money from intense ads. We recommend using the previous solutions wherever possible, but if you need a fast fix, these are some of the many popular options.

Download Instagram photos: DownloadGram

DownloadGram is one of the most enticing third-party solutions for downloading Instagram images. This could lead to an increase in security confidence. It works on both computers and handheld devices. It’s also possible to download videos, IGTV, and Reels with it. You can only stream one piece of media at a time, which is a drawback.

01. Go to post

Instagram Photo

Go to the Instagram website on a desktop computer, find the photo you want, click the three dots in the top right corner above the image, and select ‘Go to Post.’

02. Download image

Copy the photo’s URL from your browser’s address bar, then paste it into the box on DownloadGram’s website. To save your file, click the Download button, then the Download image button.

Open the Instagram app on your phone, find the picture you want, tap the three dots button, and select ‘copy link.’ Then, as before, repeat the procedure.

Download Instagram photos in bulk

You’ll have to use third-party apps if you want to import several images from Instagram at once. 4K Stogram and Save-o-gram are two of the most common alternatives.

Download Instagram Stories

Instagram has made it much easier to download your own posts, which includes the picture or video as well as any stickers or text you’ve added. Simply choose ‘Save picture’ from the three vertical dots at the bottom right of the story. By going to your profile, clicking on the menu icon, and choosing ‘Archive,’ you will find old posts.

If you want a Story from someone else’s account – and some photographers specifically share pictures for use as wallpaper by this means – you can save it by simply taking a screenshot. The trick is to hold down one finger on the screen while you do so in order to remove the Instagram UI and get a clean shot.

Simply tap and hold anywhere on the phone to remove the UI overlay. This also brings the storey to a halt, allowing you to take a screenshot. Hold your finger on the screen when taking the screenshot, or on an iPhone by pressing volume up and lock, on a Samsung Galaxy by pressing power and home, or on a Google Pixel by pressing power and volume down.

Again, bear in mind potential copyright issues when taking screenshots of someone else’s work.

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