Are there any chances for design in the future home?

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January 19, 2022 4:10 PM

Designers are adapting to new problems, which range from climate change to increasing inequality. Technological developments and cultural evolution have always influenced the design of houses. Designing a future home will be challenging and there have been several examples with new trends as well.


Future Home Opportunities

Simon Caspersen, the co-founder of the research and design firm Space10, feels that there are already lots of chances for designers. When it comes to the future house since there are so many challenges that need to be addressed.

In The Ideal City, Space10’s latest book, the company celebrates answers to issues by showing how the house of the future will integrate with city-wide initiatives such as water harvesting (gathering rainwater where it falls) and renewable energy sources.

Ideal City

The expectation of Future Home

If all goes according to plan, Caspersen’s future home won’t be as futuristic as popular culture has portrayed it. Imagine a world with fewer chrome plating and robots, and more intelligent gadgets instead. It’s not just about how advanced the technology in the house is, but rather how clever the solutions are to improve people’s lives and the planet’s.

Technology for the sake of technology might be detrimental to the future home environment. I feel it’s more essential than ever to look at the company and business strategy behind the product or service, rather than just the technology itself.

Privacy in your Future Home

Considering that privacy is constantly under attack, it’s a good idea to go further into the reasoning behind these products. My house should be a place where we can feel comfortable, a place that allows us to be ourselves in privacy and freedom. Therefore we have been much more selective about who we let in. “I have read the terms and conditions,” for example, is the largest collective lie in human history,” he says.

Smart vs Intelligent Design

Instead of the “smart” technology we’re used to, intelligent technology will have the largest influence on the future home.

Numerous technologies that will shape our future houses have already been developed, but educating customers of their benefits, promoting adoption, and guaranteeing affordability will be the challenges. Renewable energy sources like solar panels and smart home technologies are on the verge of becoming mainstream. But how far away is the future’s house truly from us?

The future of making things-Generative design!

Low operating costs and reliability are the most sought attributes for the house of the future, according to a public consultation conducted by the organization. Some of the items on this list, such as smart technology, are not even mentioned until much later down, which appears to support the idea that intelligence is superior to clever.


The importance of feeling comfortable, protected, and supported is stressed, while physical demands include things like keeping inhabitants warm and dry are also addressed.

In order for the house of the future to be successful, it must include both. In order to do this, the house is designed to be flexible and adaptive. While people’s emotional requirements in the house will vary considerably, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try for it.

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