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January 19, 2022 5:08 PM

What if there was a medium that could be used to create live art? Art that could react to its owner evolve over time or tap into live data to determine its look? All of this is possible with Async Art and you don’t need to know a single line of code.

Before we get into how it works, let’s define crypto-backed art, also known as “crypto art.” Artists will produce limited versions of their digital artwork using “crypto art.” This is accomplished by permanently linking their work to a one-of-a-kind token that exists on the blockchain. The artist has signed this token, which represents the original piece.

How does Async Art work?

While the work can still be seen by everyone, they now have a record of who explicitly owns it. And since this token adheres to a format, it is automatically available to be viewed, bought, or sold on a variety of marketplaces. With Async Art, they’ve taken this concept and gone one level deeper. Beyond tokenizing the single work they allow you to tokenize the individual layers that make up your work. Think about it, most digital media is made up of layers. Photoshop, Audio, Video and it’s these layers that allow you to adjust the final result.

And so with Async Art, they’re tapping into this power resulting in a single piece of art, imbued with the potential to take on many forms. Everything you see in their gallery falls into one of 2 categories a “Master” or a “Layer”. The “Master” is the 1-of-1 overall artwork and “Layers” are the individual pieces that stack up to create it. A Master is always looking to its Layers to determine its current look.

Async Art

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You, the artist, determine the parameters for how each Layer can change, and one of the most powerful of those is called “State Change”. “States” are simply alternate versions that you create for any given Layer. A Layer can change to a different State at any time and this change will automatically be reflected on the Master.

Keep in mind that when a piece is sold only the owner of that Layer has the ability to choose which State is active. Other abilities the artist can utilize include color-shifting scale rotation transparency and more. It all depends on what makes sense for the concept of your piece. This creates a system where a Master image becomes, quite literally the visual representation of a group’s individual decisions.

Essentially, the artist creates the sandbox and lets the community express themselves within it. We’ve enabled programmable media with this simple system but what if changes were based on something other than human decisions? This is where autonomy comes in. What if Layer changes were driven by time? You could create a painting where a tree grows over the course of 100 years or one that simply changes with the rising and setting of the sun. What if Layer changes were driven by the stock market? Or, by the weather?


As you can see, there are limitless possibilities with Async. And they truly believe this is a whole new medium for creators. So if your mind is spinning with ideas right now, come join Async and apply as an artist today at async. art.

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