Check this before Updating Your WordPress Website Version

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January 19, 2022 4:12 PM

You’ll need to upgrade your WordPress version every time a new WordPress version is launched. You might be wondering the importance of updating the WordPress Website version.

Today I will answer this question and many more.

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Some changes made to the files are always overlooked during the upgrade period, which affects the files and directories used to run the website. When updating, make a backup to your website in case something goes wrong and your site crashes. You could easily recover the saved backup in WordPress.

Now let's see how you can backup your website.

What is a backup?

Saving a copy of your website on a particular date and then keeping it safe. 

Now you made some changes and the site suddenly crashes. Now how will you recover your website? BACKUP! If you have a backup you just have the restore the backup. It will be the same as when you last backup the website.

There are the Steps for the backup:-

Install a plugin.

Open WordPress and then install the Updraft Backup plugin. Once the plugin is installed take the backup.

Click on Settings-> Backup Now

Checkmark all the boxes and click Backup. It is just that simple. It will create a backup file. 


Now there are cases when you make a change and want to restore it. You could easily restore it from the restore backup option.

There is an important thing to note here it will restore it to the last backup stage. So for example you did not backup for a month and then tried to restore it will back up to the last backup stage.

To avoid this always prefer schedule backup. So that there is not a huge time gap between backup. You could do it in the Updraft Backup plugin. Click on Settings->There you have to choose the time period for your backup. I prefer weekly backup.

It gives you options to save the files in your preferred location. Choose any one and it will be saved there. I would recommend using google drive as it will be easy and most effective.

How to restore a crashed site?

  1. Remove the old WordPress installation. ( Which has now crashed).
  2. Install a fresh WordPress website with the same domain.
  3. Restore the website, using the files we have in our google drive.

When you install a new WordPress you will not find the backup file in the Updraft Backup plugin. It is because it is a new WordPress and your google drive is not connected.

To link it Go to settings-> Google Drive-> Save

Now again Go to-> the Updraft Backup plugin -> Existing Backups->Rescan remote storage

Now simply restore the site.

Why should you Update WordPress website version?

Website security

Updates protect against arising security vulnerabilities. They check for any issues with the website so that your site could not be hacked. If your website gets hacked you may lose sensitive information. It will ultimately result in losing brand name or customers as well.

New features

With every new update, it will introduce some new features. Also with the plugins updating regularly, if you do not update the WordPress site you may lose the compatibility and it might slow your site or even crash the site.

Improved performance

After going through extensive testing prior to publication, WordPress will still have bugs that affect results. Minor WP fixes, delete glitches, ensuring that the site does not encounter the issues or complaints that have been found. As a consequence, keeping the website up to date prevents it from being corrupted. Thus offering visitors a better experience. Keeping your website updated, therefore, ensures it runs faster, which is good for SEO.

In conclusion, you upgrade your WordPress website version to protect it from security threats and to increase its efficiency. Additionally, upgrading your website allows you to take advantage of the most recent features. Always have a copy of your website so you can take back any changes if anything goes wrong.

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