Color and shapes significance in psychology and designs.

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January 19, 2022 5:30 PM

What is the significance of shapes and color psychology and designs?

Achieve the desired response

As graphic designers, we want to stimulate the appropriate reaction and emotions from the target audience’s future. We want to make sure we’re using the right shapes and colors. This is how we send out powerful signals. What we’re looking for is a positive reaction from the customer.

We want the concept to work out. Let’s take a look at those designs, such as square, rectangular, and oval shapes. They elicit supportive feedback, are more welcoming, and share feelings of community.

Consider the Olympic rings or the Audi mark, for example. They’re shaped like a circle to convey harmony and friendliness. Furthermore, the color of the silver, for example, is to present itself as more premium, sophisticated, and classy. Positive and negative connotations exist for each hue. In the fast-food industry, red is also very common. It can indicate a positive effect, but it can also indicate something negative, such as stop signs on the streets.

Try using different shapes

color and shape

Professionalism, technology, and philosophy are all represented by rectangular or triangular shapes. Triangles, in particular, embody strength and power. Vertical lines, for instance, are more offensive and masculine than horizontal lines. Curvy lines provide a more feminine rhythm expression.

Use colors carefully

Be extra cautious when using colours. Yellow, for example, is a vibrant colour in most cultures. It conjures up happy, playful, and enjoyable feelings. Yellow, on the other hand, has a negative connotation in China. But, before picking the right colour, think about who your target demographic is and who your customer is.

White, on the other hand, represents innocence and cleanliness, and it can be used as a bridal colour in weddings. However, it is the colour of mourning in Japan. As a result, make sure you pay attention to the correct colours and forms in accordance with the brief.

color influence

Consider color psychology

You should also consider how color influences our psychology. Let’s assume that blue is the color of sleeping pills or tranquillity pills in pharmacy. Red can be seen in energizing and self-boosting tablets.

Consider what would happen if McDonald’s had a blue logo. The customers would then believe that the food was not fresh or that it was potentially harmful. As a result, we don’t use colors just because we like them. Colors are used so they can convey what they are supposed to express.


Make sure to get information about the demographic where the business needs to be set up. Different colors depict different emotions and can change the psychology of the customers accordingly. Make sure to use different shapes for a different kinds of business.

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