Getting Started with Google Classroom: Easily manage lesson material and grade papers.

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January 19, 2022 4:05 PM

Google classroom is a service that allows you to share files create great assignments and communicate with your students in a paperless way. The good news is that Google classroom is completely free. The bad news however is that your school or district does have to sign up for a G Suite for Education account in order to use it with students.

Now your school or district can sign up for free and the G suite for education account will help to ensure additional privacy and security for students. So if your school or district is not already signed up definitely share this information with them and hopefully they would be willing to sign up once they see all the amazing features Google classroom has to offer.

google classroom

Step 1: Setup the Google classroom

  • The first thing you need to do is create your class now depending on what you teach you may only need to create one class or you may want to create different classes for each subject you teach or each group of students you teach.
  • In order to create a class, you are going to click on the plus sign in the upper right corner and then click on create a class. ( If your school does not already have a G Suite for education account you will be prompted with a message asking your school or district to sign up for one before you use the service with students ) .
  • You will then enter the class name section subject and room number but the only part that’s actually required is the class name.
  • After entering the information you will click on create class and you will then be redirected to the classes page.

Step 2: How to invite students

  • Once you have created a classroom you can individually add students to the class by clicking on the People tab at the top and then clicking the invite students button next to the student heading. You can then enter your student’s email address to individually add them to the class.
  • However, a much easier way to do this is actually have the students join your class on their own. Under your class name, you will see a class code which is an assortment of different letters and numbers. In order to join your class students will go to Google classroom and click on the plus sign in the upper right-hand corner. Instead of clicking create class students will click join class and then type in their personal class code. You can display your class code in a larger size by clicking on the display button next to the class code. The good news is once a student joins your class once it will always appear in their Google classroom until you either remove the student from the class or archive the class.

Features of the class page

1.) Themes

  • First of all, you can change the theme which will change up the colors and the images by clicking on the select theme button in the rectangle surrounding your class name.
  • You can either use one of the pre-created themes offered through Google or you can use a personalized photo by clicking on upload photo and then choosing the photo from your computer.
  • You can have different colors or themes for each class to help differentiate between them.

2.) Stream tab

The stream tab houses all of the activity that has taken place within your classroom such as any announcements or assignments you have posted as a teacher and any comment or post from students. If you allow them with the most recent appearing at the top you can easily post announcements or add attachments to the stream page. Clicking in these shares with your class box you can either type a message to your students, you can attach files from your computer or Google Drive, can add YouTube videos or links, and then post it directly to your stream page. You also can schedule this post to go out at a specific date and time or you can save the post as a draft to post at a later time.

3.) Classwork tab

The classwork tab at the top is the main place where you can create assignments for your students in order to create a new assignment. Just click on the create button and then choose the type of assignment you want to create. Under the classwork tab, you can also view the google calendar for your class.

4.) Quiz assignment

The quiz assignment option will automatically attach a blank Google Forms that you can use to create a quiz for your students. The question option allows you to pose a question to your students and then have them respond to it.

5.) Reuse post

The reuse post option allows you to reuse a post that you have already created in another class on Google classroom.

6.) People tab

The people tab allows you to see all of the teachers and students you have connected to your class. I already showed you how to invite students to the class but you can follow the same steps to add other teachers to your class. If you co teach or if you want them to have access to your materials once you have invited students to your class. You can also invite parents or guardians to the class so that they can receive updates and check on their students grades.

 You also have the ability to email students, mute students which revokes their ability to post and comment on things on Google classroom.

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