How switching to 3D design can unleash your creative potential?

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January 19, 2022 4:20 PM

Any modern creative will recognize that 3D design is all around them. From cutting-edge games to blockbuster films, as well as manufacturing and fashion, 3D graphics are assisting us in entertaining audiences, working with customers to create new goods, and much more. The figures speak for themselves: the worldwide 3D animation business was valued at almost $14 billion in 2018, and it is only expected to rise.

The good news is that switching from 2D to 3D designs is now easier than ever. The design software used to create in 3D combines power with usability, and there are some excellent online resources to assist you in learning how to use these tools. You also don’t have to spend a bunch on gear to make your 3D ideas a reality.

While switching from 2D to 3D designs requires the use of tools, there are now affordable workstations with cutting-edge graphics capabilities that can drastically speed up the rendering process and allow you to get your designs in front of your clients faster, while also being more ambitious with your 3D creations.

Limitless imaginations in 3D Design

While in 2D you have to imagine the light, shadows, highlights, and more. In 3D it is much easier. You can literally put the light source which will automatically provide the right shadow to match the light. Creating icons, illustrations and images are easily created and rendered even on less graphic laptops. Check out some examples that I created.

Monster on Streets

These are all created on my normal computer that does not even have a graphic card. It only takes a minute to render these images no matter how many different lights, atmosphere, or shading is done. I created all these in Blender that is Free and easy to use. You can also check out my work on my Social Media and DM your work. I would love to see all the amazing art works.

Embracing VR in your 3D Design


Using virtual reality to see your 3D works – and show them off to your clients – is one of the finest methods to do it. Commercially accessible virtual reality headsets are cheaper than ever, allowing artists to experiment with and explore VR.

Free 3D design resources

People mostly tend to go where there is the least risk and high reward. The 3D design is just that. There are free tools such as Blender. All the tutorials and features can be learnt from YouTube, Instagram and other social media sites. And there is no need to spend money on anything. Whereas in 2D for a better result you spend money on software such as Photoshop or Illustrator. If you want my favorites Youtube channels to learn Blender or 3D designs comment down below or DM me on my social media. I will let you know.

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