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January 19, 2022 4:06 PM

Do you know how brand like Marvel does Branding? From posting an artist’s resignation letter on the internet to trademarking the phrase “zombies,” to now providing a whole new meaning to names like Captain, Iron, Thunderbolt, and many others – there is nothing these Studios would back down from.

However, its great graphics, storyline, and an intriguing sense of how normal superheroes may be aren’t the only things that entice us to the Marvel Universe. In reality, it is more about how they integrated it all to connect with the audience in a way that no one else in the business has.

Darth Vader with Sword

Why Is Proper Brand Design Necessary?

Some believe that traditional branding design is becoming outdated in an age of social networking and digital media.

Marvel Studios has not only wowed the world with its independent films, but they have also demonstrated how a continuous storyline can be done well. Through this continuing storyline, a brand unlike any other has established itself in the film business.

Until 2019, Marvel Studios has accumulated a $14 billion commercial success over the course of 11 years, thanks to 21 straight top-ranking films. Beginning with ‘Batman and Robin,’ the entire Marvel world has been revolutionizing an industry that was thought to be extinct by some of their competitors.

Speaking of competition, I realize that many cinematography enthusiasts have a question: why does MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) maintain the first position economically and in general success despite the fact that DC’s characters are more known than Marvel’s characters? The solution is in its branding strategies.

Taking (Calculated) Risks

We’ve seen this behavior, but to understand it a little better — and in action — let’s look at what the Marvel Cinematic Universe has to offer. Here are some calculated risks that Marvel Studios took:

  • Even if ‘The Incredible Hulk’ pushed the MCU to the sidelines, the studio did not abandon its focus on the Avengers.
  • Some viewers may not comprehend — and do not understand — the Marvel universe if they watch a random movie without first learning about the characters and plots. However, this did not prevent the MCU from developing narratives from the start.
  • Attempting to bring change through genre experimentation and the incorporation of action comedies ‘ Ant-Man ‘ and ‘ Guardians of the Galaxy ‘ into the world.

Having said that, the Marvel Cinematic Universe made certain that these risks were not based on an instinct or a hunch, but rather on a planned route of investigation. Taking chances does not have to be a rushed decision, according to MCU.

Instead, a calculated and well-researched risk may lead the brand to unexpected places.

Being the First

Okay, being the first to pose a question in class or the first to build the Wright Flyer will always have advantages and disadvantages. For example, Apple took its time in releasing mp3 devices, but the iPod was well worth the wait. On the contrary, Samsung entertained us all by being the first to introduce flip phones, but it did not achieve great popularity.

Having said that, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has accomplished everything. Not only is Marvel Studios the first to make linked films, but it has also done it flawlessly.

Following in the footsteps of the MCU, Warner Bros.’ DC Comic Studios and Universal Pictures have attempted to create a universe out of their films and series. While DC handled it well, Universal Pictures sought to force-feed sequels to audiences at a breakneck pace, leaving them no opportunity to become engaged in a character or narrative.

Overall, Marvel Studios is a brand to look up to when you want to develop a brand that combines promptness with excellent narrative and patience.

Marvel Brand

Recognizing the Importance of People

With time, entrepreneurs, recruiting managers, and brand managers realize that goods, increased sales, and consumers are not the only components for brand success. You may, however, be a brand that recognizes the worth of people while undervaluing them.

When we zoom in on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we can see that the trick is not just to employ brilliant people, but also to maintain them and enhance their skills for the better welfare of everyone: the individuals and the brand.

The universe has not only locked in certain on-screen stars but also those working in the entertainment business off-screen. Warner Brothers, on the other hand, is having difficulty engaging audiences with the same artist for longer than 3-4 years.

I appreciate that many recruiting managers may be concerned that this strategy would result in a lack of fresh talent and a repetitive atmosphere, particularly in the entertainment sector. The Marvel Cinematic Universe, on the other hand, has effectively demonstrated that this is not the case.

You may continue to work with the same personnel and develop at the same or greater rate without having to go through the hiring process every two years. All you have to do is match your team’s goals with your brand and guarantee that everyone benefits.

Trying to Improve Brand Consistency

Marvel Cinematic Universe outperforms its competitors in terms of Brand Linkage score, indicating more consistency than any other brand. Even with a stronger character arc(s), for example, DC’s uneven character ties resulted in a reduction in audience involvement.

I’d like to emphasize that you don’t have to be a well-known brand like Marvel Studios to prioritize consistency. Even as a new brand or company — especially as a new brand or startup — you must ensure that your brand is remembered and identifiable, which cannot be accomplished unless you are consistent in your marketing, product packaging, designs, and other elements of brilliance.

How to Become a Brand Like Marvel

To begin with, it will not be simple; but, it is not impossible. The key is to recognize that, with the world’s access to nearly everything via the internet — what your brand does, what it stands for, who works for it, and what others have to say about it – every small detail counts.

New Brand

Even at Marvel Studios, if something as significant as background requires care, so do stupid gags and references to previous jokes. In fact, it is because of this that the MCU has been able to create a web of people that are both intriguing and relatable, despite the fact that they are superheroes. SpiderMan, for example, is a teen hero with amazing powers and emotions. He gets jealous and symbolizes normal people.

Similarly, in order to reach its greatest potential, your brand must be relevant, inspirational, and consistent. You may not have superheroes on your side, but being real, transparent, accessible, driven, and inventive are some powers you and your business will always have, and you will soar utilising the same to reach the top.

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