Moxie Robot ~ Robots designed to help teach children

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January 19, 2022 4:19 PM

Moxie Robots are robots designed to help teach children social and emotional cues through interaction. The most recent educational technology arrives in the form of a robot that looks like something out of a film. Moxie, an adorable educational robot, is intended to be used at home to educate children. However, it is not cheap.

The robotics and AI firm behind Moxie, says the robot will educate children using weekly themes and lessons. They are intended to facilitate behavioral, emotional, and social learning. Kids will be tasked with assisting Moxie in exploring and studying human experiences. Life lessons, such as learning new vocabulary or conversing about important events such as going to the park.


Moxie is a modern kind of robot. It can understand and communicate feelings by emotive speech, believable facial gestures, and body language, allowing it to tap into human personality and neurology to form deeper bonds.

Cost of Moxie Robots


When you buy Moxie, you are not only purchasing an innovative new companion that will encourage your child’s social, behavioral, and intellectual development; you are also purchasing a Whole environment to help sustain you and your child on your Moxie quest.

As a special launch offer, a 12-month subscription (a $720 value) is included with your purchase of Moxie. After one year, you’ll have the option of renewing your subscription at a rate of $39.99/month (if paid annually), or you can pay monthly at a rate of $59.99/month.

Why Moxie?


Children share space with Moxie that allows them to engage in a revolutionary way (different from a flat virtual character) that can provide major advantages to learning social-emotional skills.


Personalization of the interaction with Moxie helps increase learning gains, and parents can track their child’s progress through our companion parent app.


A team of child development therapists and experts have designed and set a deliberate pace of activities that help children practice important skills and encourage them to engage with family and friends.


Children engage in creative play with Moxie – drawing, story-telling, mindfulness practice, and more – that helps promote important life skills such as conversation, turn-taking, emotion regulation, and how to make friends.

With the fast-moving world, children are being more and more fascinated with technology. It may be smartphones, online games, or shows. Moxie Robot can help your child to learn while playing. What do you think? Do let me know in the comments.

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