Perfection: Why Is It a Bad Idea?

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January 19, 2022 3:29 PM

If you’re a designer or a developer, you’re surely aware that attempting to make your project perfect might cause it to take longer to complete—sometimes many times longer. There’s always that one final thing you want to fix before mailing it.

Perfection is harmful to progress.

Nothing in our life is perfect. There is always something that can be improved. If everyone perfected their product before releasing it to the world, we would have nothing today! Nothing, not even electricity or a wheel.

Would you rather not have them if everything around you isn’t perfect? Would you rather wait till they are perfected before allowing you to have them? Most likely not.

As a result, when working on your ideas, always use the failures of others as a guide – be unique, but don’t aim for perfection.

Why being perfect a big mistake?

When starting the task, you should always have some specific goals in mind when designing. It might be as obvious as growing sales or as strange as increasing awareness for your business.

Nonetheless, they should be the goals you should focus on, and if you want to try anything new, ask yourself, “does this will move me closer to the goals?”


And here comes the amusing part. Pursuing perfection will not bring you any closer to your goals. Coming up with the simplest possible solution, on the other hand, does. That’s correct — the most basic and efficient, not the greatest. In the early phases of a project, it is impossible to know which option will be the best.

How would you know this if you hadn’t even launched it? Only market feedback (from real users) can provide you with actual ideas for possible improvements to your website and its usability. That is the area of development you must concentrate on.

This is the plain truth (unfortunately). You never know what people want or need, so working on a complex solution that may or may not be required is a waste of time. That is why you should begin with a solution that allows you to achieve your goals in the easiest way possible. And here’s something more you should know:

Perfection very often remains unnoticed

Unfortunately, all of your additional effort spent striving perfection may go undetected and underappreciated. There is a reason why your additional work may go unnoticed by the receiver of your work.

That’s because they didn’t see the prior version of the project, therefore they don’t have anything to compare it to. They will only observe and evaluate necessary functions and components.

Working on details (little pieces of your graphic design) consumes the most of your time. That one tiny item that irritates you, or some other feature you believe would be great and useful.

As a result, before you know it, the overall project completion time has been stretched multiple times. Do you want to spend 60% of your time at work polishing the details and 40% attaining the goals?

If you operate as a freelancer, you can be certain that every customer will be 100 times more thankful for a clear, easy-to-use, and intelligible project focused on fulfilling goals than a gorgeous piece of art that looks wonderful but does not put any more money in their wallet.

Quitting perfection is not the same as abandoning a good undertaking

As I previously stated, you can never be certain what the optimal answer will be during the creative phase of a project/product/design, therefore pursuing it is doomed from the start.

The most crucial design guideline is that you are not your client or visitor. As a result, you can’t assess the object you’re developing only based on your own thoughts and assumptions.

By not being perfect, you will develop a far better work

It is simple. If you don’t attempt to make every detail perfect and instead concentrate on the most crucial key parts, these key elements will not only be clearly seen in the end solution, but you will also finish the task sooner.

So, by hiding perfection in your pocket, you will be far more productive and offer far superior outcomes.

Here are some of the advantages that may be gained by sacrificing perfection and instead developing a simplified version of the website:

  • The website might be published sooner.
  • The website has the potential to earn money and get awareness sooner.
  • Visitors’ input will appear sooner.
  • Because of the early feedback, you will enhance the website by focusing on the issues raised by users.
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The most significant conclusion here is that a simple solution is better than perfection.

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