Picking the Right Website Designer For Your Website

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January 19, 2022 3:34 PM

Picking the Right Website Designer is important if you want to build an effective website. There have never been more prospects in the website design business than there are now. However, with many choices the decision-making also becomes difficult. Instead of having to sort and process all of the choices available, the trick to making smart decisions is to decide exactly what you want.

When purchasing a large item such as a house, auto, or appliance, it’s best to ignore the word “best” and simply write down the particular desires, requirements, and goals. To put it another way, rather than aiming for the right fit, choose a website designer based on your objectives. With that in mind, here’s how to go about eliminating options before you find the right website designer for your business.


Determine the technical requirements.

What are the features you want from your website? If you want to build an “e-commerce website” where you can post the products that you want to sell? Or are you want a blog website where you can post blogs for the viewers? This phase is crucial because it determines the type of web designer, developer, or organization you would need.

Ownership of the Website's Domain Name

The domain name is the identity of your website on the web. People will reach out to you with your domain name. So it is important to have a valid domain name and have full access to it.

If a designer owns a domain name on your behalf, is it registered under your name or the designers’ name? If you want to move providers in the future, are you able to give yourself ownership of the domain or will the owner retain it? Before entering into a legally binding arrangement, all complex facets of a contract should be closely investigated.


Budgeting should be a top priority when planning a website development. It has the potential to be a major determining factor. For a typical website, the cost of a website designer will vary from $100 to $20,000+.   A budget would allow you to quickly narrow down the designers who will provide the services you need when staying within your budget.

Think of your website as an investment in your business. Furthermore, as enticing as it might be to save money by going for the cheapest option, this is not a good idea. In the long term, a website that does not satisfy your needs or performs poorly will cost you more money and damage your online reputation.

Proposals offered

Requesting a proposal is the next step after you’ve narrowed down your list of website designers. If your proposal improves, your options will adjust. Consider if you’d like to be approached as a web designer. Would you rather get a confusing email inquiring about the cost of a website? Or would you like a quick outline of the project along with a rough cost estimate?

Choosing a website designer does not have to be a difficult or intimidating job. It does involve a good view of what you desire and when you want it, as well as clear communication of your goals.

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