Positive role of social media during lockdown

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January 19, 2022 3:49 PM

Social networking became a vital way to communicate during a period of social isolation and reduced interaction with others. Social media platforms are designed to bring people together, and they have greatly aided in keeping the globe linked through the pandemic. Because many people have been asked to stay at home, they have taken to social media to keep in touch with friends and family and to find ways to pass the time.

Since March 2020 the lockdown has changed the lifestyle of people. With COVID changing the lifestyle of people all around the world. Some companies, businesses, people have been affected by this pandemic. While mostly it has been a downward trend some companies have benefitted from it as well. While people were staying at home all day, they needed something to keep them occupied. It also helped in distracting them from the hardships they were facing during the lockdown. Losing a job, not able to meet family members or friends or maybe girlfriends, getting groceries and medicines to name a few. 

Social Media bringing people closer

During this COVID, we are asked to stay away from people and wear a mask at all times. Social media on the other hand is bringing people closer even if they are in other countries. Apps like Instagram, Facebook WhatsApp is a perfect example for this. You can easily follow people you want to know. The most important thing to note is they are absolutely FREE so everyone tends to use them.

Social media connection


The education system has suffered due to this lockdown. Since students are not allowed to leave the house teaching has become very difficult.  Thanks to applications like Zoom and Teams that they are able to gain education through video call sessions. Also with people working from home the most useful application has been online video call applications. 

Social Media Entertainment

The most successful business during lockdown has been online entertainment. Whether it is watching shows, series, movies, or documentaries. Online platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Youtube have received the most love during this difficult time. Since people had a lot of free time they preferred getting subscriptions to these platforms. I myself subscribed for these platforms so I can say with my personal experience.


Another profitable industry during lockdown has been the gaming industry. So many new trending games were discovered during the lockdown. With social sites like Youtube, Twitch people also earned money streaming playing games. It also influenced new people to play games. Most of the games were multiplayer and you could play with your friends from home as well. 


Social Media Marketing

Marketing has become far more important nowadays. And with the growing use of social media applications, social media marketing has become very successful. You must have seen growing accounts providing information through social media and also selling their products through it. It is a high-demand skill and people are looking for people who can increase their social media presence and increase the profit of their business.

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