To Deliver Winning Designs, Decipher Client Mindset ( PART-1 )

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January 19, 2022 3:31 PM

The client is typically a difficult group of people for graphic designers to persuade about the value of a design to their business. Any of these customers are unaware of a design that has been shown to them so they are easily misled. They are often unable to express precisely what they want from a design. However, after the designers have gained some insight into their clients’ minds, they will persuade them of the value of design work. How do you do it? 

Graphic designers are talented individuals who can create a concept based on a client’s original brief. Designers, on the other hand, fail to persuade customers that their designs would fit their companies until they have completed a design. Since most customers have little or no knowledge of architecture, this is really the case.

As a result, gaining clients’ confidence is probably the most challenging challenge for designers when delivering design work to them. However, if they can read their customers’ minds properly, they can persuade them.

Client questions

Key Attractions:

  1. How can you get the client’s right brief and comprehend it?
  2. The Role of Testing in the Process of Brand Identity
  3. Recognizing and Using Suggestions (the difference between bad & negative feedback)
  4. Shape and Color Psychology’s Importance
  5. How can you get a “complicated” customer to accept your design concepts?

Follow These Tips For Dealing With Clients' Emotions To Gain Their Confidence In Your Design Work

Before starting some design work, what are some of the most important questions to ask the client?

  • What is the mission of the business or the client?
  • What are their objectives?
  • What is their brand positioning strategy?
  • What is the company’s ideology?
  • What are their promises and who are they targeting?
  • Where do they want to speak to their intended audience?
  • Who are their main rivals?
  • What stores do they market their wares in?
  • What distinguishes them from the competition?
  • As compared to another brand, why should I pick this one?

I also request that they give a mood board. What is their vision for their visual identity? What are some types of logos that they like and don’t like? What are any examples of general visuals that will assist me in comprehending their vision? Another thing I try to do is remind them to give me the vocabulary to explain themselves. What five words will they use to identify themselves in the next five years? Who is their perfect customer, and what is the persona of that client? These are the kinds of questions I need to ask to make sure I’m designing something useful for them. They will be effective as a result of my design.

How do you deal with customers who are unsure of what they want?

Guide your clients

Tips on How to Pick the Right Designer

Clients rarely know what they want, but it’s your responsibility to help them figure it out. If they don’t like your job, don’t take it personally. By posing the right questions, you can figure out what their target is. It is preferable if you assist them in comprehending their desires. You should request that they explain why they dislike that style. Assist them in explaining the proper explanations to you.

I’m not sure if you can work for them if they really don’t know what they want. Since, at the end of the day, you are compensated for providing a service and a solution. If they are unable to find a solution in any manner, you may wish to end the partnership.

Client Mood

Ask clients for mood words

They should clarify what they like or dislike about it. Request that they provide you with relevant information, such as mood terms or photographs, to assist you, or perhaps you should do. Perhaps this is what you can do to assist them in comprehending their desires. If they are unsure of what they want, they will not be able to work with you on this project. Or they are unable to make a move that they believe is necessary. They have to earn your confidence first.

They would like anything if they win your confidence. After nine years as a freelancer, I quit after a few rounds of presentations if I can’t work with a customer. Maybe it’s the chemistry, or maybe we’re just not compatible.

Part II

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