What is Behavioral Design? Design to nudge and change behavior

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January 19, 2022 4:57 PM

Human behavior is now the greatest danger to humanity. We like to overeat despite that it is unhealthy for us. Everyone keeps consuming so much energy, despite the fact that we know the atmosphere cannot keep up with our consumption. We like to go so hard, despite the fact that we know it will destroy us. However, this does not imply that we have no plans to change. Really, we do. Modifying real human behavior necessitates strong design solutions that take into account simple human impulses, weaknesses, and behaviors. 

What is Behavioral Design?

We are creatures of habit. We tend to run on autopilot making most decisions instinctively rather than rationally. This makes changing behavior tough. Traditionally behavior change was attempted through education but it takes a lot of time and money. That is why we use a more powerful approach. We design and place it right at the place of the desired action. This is called Behavioral Design.

Why you should apply it in everyday design?

For example, if you use a smaller plate you automatically reduce the amount of food you can take.

Too many options can confuse your customer reducing their desire to buy. Fewer options could increase sales. 

Behavioral Design

Offices have partitions for different employees. This may create psychological barriers. Instead using a round table is more effective. It breaks hierarchy and helps to focus on team goals. 

Behavioral design is the most effective way to change behavior. It is an excellent way to reach goals.

The Power of Behavioral Design

Have you planned to do something for yourself that you think is important for you in the long term? But once you have to take the first step you postpone it for lots of silly reasons. You are not alone for most of us this happens a lot of times. This is a natural conflict. Not taking action today for tomorrows benefit a paradox that can limit your potential and prevent you from achieving your goals in life. This behavior conflict happens because the human brain has two modes. The rational mode is slow and structured. We need this part for abstract concepts like maths and time. Or to project ourselves in the future. The emotional mode on the other hand is lightning fast. It responds to our desires and perceptions. It helps to determine what is best for now based on our instincts.

Behavioral Designs create products that help people accomplish their intrinsic goals in life. This is the power of this design. A power that leads people to take action. 

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